My name is Mike Connelly, and I would appreciate your vote to represent you on the Bismarck City Commission during the June election in 2022. I moved to Bismarck in 1991 to attend college at the University of Mary and since then have earned Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Addiction Counseling and in 2016 earned an MBA. Since 2010, I work as a traveler for DTN Staffing in the medical field, and own a home care business. I have been with my wife Wendy for 26 years and married 21 and we have two adopted kids, daughter Austyn is 15, and son Patrick is 13 and for the last 18 years we have lived near Hillside Park.
           For a little more than ten years, I have grown interested in various levels of government and politics with a very keen interest in local government the last eight years. Nearly 5 years ago, I made a choice to start attending or listening to all of the government sub and advisory meetings in Burleigh County. I also attended other meetings as well such as the ongoing special assessment task force, utility rate study, together 2045,  Renaissance Board Authority and been able to tour many departments of local service providers as well as network with internal and external stakeholders throughout Bismarck.
           Nearly four years ago I started a citizen advocacy group on Facebook called; “We the People of Burleigh Cty., Bismarck, Schools and Park and Recreation”, which created a respectful forum where people could be engaged and share perspectives that help us collectively make decisions that will make Bismarck and our county better tomorrow then today. I post all of the local government links with simple breakdowns on the page, along with news, history, events, and issues that offer opportunities of positive growth. This has pushed my learning curve straight up and because of this work and engagement I am able to advocate for others in our community in ways most other people cannot as I have an understanding in a significant wide variety of issues that impact Bismarck regardless of neighborhood, business district, political subs, ETA border, etc. Even with that, I know and commit myself to learning more as there is always more information that is worth learning in order to live up to finding that next best solutions that make Bismarck better as a whole.
           I also try to scale decisions through being fiscally prudent, well educated, ethical, and knowledgeable in both local history and civics in ways that it can benefit others. I believe that, “When given the opportunity to do a good thing for another person and I have the resources to do so, then my only answer is YES”. I believe I have been doing this for years as a citizen, and thus, I know I can do it as a City Commissioner for Bismarck and our citizens. Bismarck, in my opinion, is the best North Dakota has to offer, and yet there is so much room where we can thrive to greater degrees in business, recreation, and personally. I have the drive to help that happen, and that is what you will get from me with your vote!
           Please contact me for questions or conversation at; 701-400-1839 or Connelly.4.Bismarck@gmail.com, or through Facebook messenger as Mike Connelly.